Large Scale Multi-function Structure Testing System

By means of plane loading method with servo controlled slave moving function, the large scale multi-function computer-electro-hydraulic servo controlled structure testing system is mainly used for the structural performance test with full-scale or under 1:8 ratio structure specimen in order to obtain the mechanical performance testing data which is used in the field of structural seismic performance research.
The picture bellow is an onsite photo of the 10,000kN computer-electro-hydraulic servo controlled large-scale multi-function structure testing system manufactured by Popwil for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The vertical actuator has loading capability of 10,000kN with the servo controlled horizontal slave moving function; and the horizontal actuator has loading capability of 1,500kN with the servo controlled vertical slave moving function. These two ways coordinated loading system with two associated slave moving system makes the two ways plane loading structure seismic test more convenient and accurate.
Popwil produces a series of Large Scale Multi-function Structure Testing System according to customer’s actual needs. The maximum loading capabilities both vertical and horizontal, the testing space, the construction of the main loading frame all can be customized.
The common technical specifications of the system listed below.

structural seismic test

User: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Main Specifications:

1. Computer-electro-hydraulic controlled vertical and horizontal dual direction synchronous loading system.
2. Maximum vertical load: 5,000kN; 10,000kN; 15,000kN; 20,000kN;
3. Maximum Horizontal Load: 1,000kN; 2,000kN; 3,000kN; 4,000kN
4. With computer servo controlled synchronous horizontal (for vertical actuator) and vertical (for horizontal actuator) slave moving function.
5. Testing space auto-adjusting function.
6. Extra-high stiffness of main loading frame.
7. Testing space: customized
The testing space of the 1000t machine of The Hong Kong Poly University: 3200*2500*(1000—4500 adjustable)

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Large Scale Multi-function Structure Testing System

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