Material Testing Equipment

Popwil material testing machine is used to performing metallic or nonmetallic materials mechanical property test.
It is generally consists of a mainframe and necessary attachments, a servo controller and the data processing software, and a power unit. It is widely used in static test such as tensile, compression, bending, impact and hardness or dynamic test such as Crack Growth Rate, Fracture Toughness and other fatigue properties in normal or abnormal temperature conditions according to the standards of material test such as ASTM, ISO etc., in order to obtain the mechanical properties of the material.
According to its different loading method or power unit, Popwil material testing machine can be divided into hydraulic universal testing machine, hydraulic pressure testing machine and electronic universal testing machine etc. According to its usage, it can also be divided into impact testing machine, hardness tester, cement pressure testing machine, tensile testing machine and so on.