Customized test equipment

Popwil can not only assist customers in the overall planning of the laboratory, but also better at assisting customers to design and develop new equipment that is closer to the customer's needs based on the existing conditions and equipment requirements of the laboratory.
Based on the existing laboratory space of the Ocean University of Zhejiang University, Popwil comprehensively designed the sea conditions simulation test and equipment testing requirements for the dual six-degree-of-freedom sea condition simulation platform. During the final product acceptance, the motion accuracy test and online operation successfully met the design indicators. Experts from both sides held three technical seminars to propose design improvements to the equipment, which fully reflects the superiority of customized equipment in meeting user needs. The initial design plan of the product is as follows:

Initial design scheme of dual six-degree of freedom sea state simulation platform

The design plan determined after the discussion of the design plan review meeting of both parties is as follows:

The plan determined after the design is completed

As can be seen from the figure, not only the size of the two 6-degree-of-freedom platforms changed the installation position, but also the original model platform was redesigned as a teaching experiment platform, which increased the use of simulation research to help researchers before conducting full-scale simulation experiments. The dynamic response of the test specimen is first tested with a model test to verify the feasibility of the test process.
The overall picture of the double-six-degree-of-freedom sea condition simulation platform after completion is as follows:

Dual Six-Degrees of Freedom Sea State Simulation Platform