Customized Testing Equipment

Popwil is good at working together with customers from discussing the purpose of a new testing equipment to make rough design for project declaration. This lets Popwil taking part in the customer’s research project deeply and makes the designing of the testing machine more closer to customer’s needs.
The follow picture is the original rough design of a dual 6-DOF sea condition simulation platform, response for a bidding requirement from the Offshore Equipment Laboratory of the Ocean College, Zhejiang University. Popwil won the bid by use this design.

The original rough design of the dual 6-DOF sea condition simulation platform

After won the bid, Popwil had held three formal technical meetings with the experts invited by both Popwil and Zhejiang University to discuss the final designing of the project based on the existing laboratory space, the maximum power supply, the main usage, and the acceptance motion accuracy etc.
The final design after the discussion is shown in the figure bellow. The plan was changed obviously in order to fit the detailed request from the customer. The shape, size, and the position the dual platforms are all changed, and even the purpose of the model platform also changed, from exhibition to doing teaching test or model test. The operator can do a model test on the Model platform before doing a real size test to avoid test failure.
This project fully demonstrated the advantage of a customized design, and showed the ability of Popwil to do this kind of work.

The modified design of Dual 6-DOF Platform

The final picture of the dual six-degree-of-freedom sea condition simulation platform is as follows: