Model Box and Load Frame

The purpose of the model box is to provide devices in the laboratory that can simulate the boundary conditions of slopes and foundation pits, tunnels and underground spaces, pile foundations and other foundations. It can be welded and assembled by mechanical parts, or it can be cast with reinforced concrete like reaction walls and foundations. The requirement of the model box is to meet the requirements of the boundary conditions in the rock and soil test process as much as possible. Not only must it be able to transmit stress and control the water level, but it must also reduce the boundary effect as much as possible to facilitate observation and layout of sensors and loading actuators.
According to the different structural forms and uses, Popwil provides customers with three types of model boxes: open model boxes, load frame integrated model boxes and centrifuge-specific precision model boxes.
The load frame of the geotechnical engineering test system is slightly different from the structural test system. It needs to be designed according to the model box and the special requirements of the test. It is generally customized according to the research direction and model box type.


Open style model box and composed portal frame

Load frame integrated model box

Precision model box for centrifuge