Composed portal frame

A typical composed portal frame includes several portal frames, side supporters (used as reaction wall) and connecting beams and other necessary parts. These parts connected together by bolts to form a closed loading space with adjustable wide and height. The foot of the column is connected to the reaction foundation by anchor bolts. A normal composed load frame picture shows bellow.

  1. The main loading beam
  2. The side supporter
  3. The reaction concrete foundation with T-slots
  4. The column which is connected together with the reaction foundation
  5. The two small beams
  6. The Actuator can fix at different places on the main crossbeam.
  7. A typical column specimen for the seismic performance

Technical Specification

  • Composition:
    Including two or more single portal frame, one cross beam, necessary triangle supporters and other necessary connecting parts.
    Each column of the portal frame connected with reaction base by anchor bolts, and connected with the cross beam and side supporters (or reaction wall) by pre-stress bolts to form a closed loading space.
  • Height of the column: 6000mm or 8000mm
  • Space between the column: 2000mm。
  • Space between the single portal frames: 4500mm
  • Cross Beam height: adjustable.
  • Loading capability: 1000kN, 2000kN, 3000kN, 5000kN

The quantity and dimension of the composed frame can be Customized design.