Single portal frame

A typical single portal load frame includes two columns, one horizontal beam, necessary connecting parts, and needed accessories. These connecting parts are used to connect the column with the beam and the reaction base together to form a closed loading space.
The accessory includes the bending supports, the load distributing beam etc, and need to make an additional order.
A typical single portal load frame is shown in the followed figure. It shows a normal single portal frame used in a structural mechanics Teaching Testing System.

Technical Specification

  • Composition:
    Two columns and one beam.
    The column connected with reaction fundamental by anchor bolts, and connected with the beam by other bolts to form a closed loading space.
  •  Height of the column: 6000mm or 8000mm
  • Space between the column: 2000mm.
  • Beam height: adjustable.
  • Loading capacity: 500kN, 1000kN, 1500kN, 2000kN.
  • Dimension of the frame can be Customized design.