Multi-channel Electro-hydraulic Servo Controlled Loading System

This electro-hydraulic servo controlled dual channel structure testing system produced by Popwil for China Academy of Construction is mainly used for the seismic performance test of new light steel concrete structure, and it is a typical application of the main product series of Popwil - Computer Controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Quasi Static / Quasi Dynamic Structure Testing System
Main Specifications:

Main Specifications:

  • The double portal loading frame with adjustable testing space connected together with lateral support and slot type reaction foundation are used as reacting frame in the test of light steel concrete structure wall.
  • Testing space (width * depth * height): 4000mm * 2000mm * (1000-4000mm adjustable)
  • The vertical 1,000kN and horizontal 200kN quasi-static loading electro-hydraulic servo actuators are used for the test loading.
  • The movable hydraulic power station with 20L/min flow rate has its own cooling system, and can be used for long-time step loading and load holding control.
  • POP-M controller with Windows application software has two control channels, and can perform close-loop control of vertical and horizontal loading actuators to complete the structural seismic test of light steel concrete wall.

User: China Academy of Building Research

More Users:

School of Transportation, Southeast University

CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co.,Ltd

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