As one of National High-tech Enterprises, located at Hangzhou High-tech Economic Zone, Popwil Instrument Co., Ltd. is specialized at computer servo controlled structure and material testing, attitude and seismic multi-DOF simulating technologies.

Popwil provides complete solutions in designing, developing, producing and servicing of the material and auto-parts testing machine, large scale structure testing system, geotechnical engineering testing system, multi-channel dynamic and static loading system, attitude or seismic multi-DOF simulating platform. Many famous domestic and overseas universities and enterprises, such as National University of Singapore, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Academy of Building, China Communications Construction Company Limited are among the customers.

Rooted in China and facing the world, relied on faith and honesty,   Popwil wish to provide customers with first class products and service.



Industry-University-Research Cooperation has reached a new level

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Popwil joined together with The College of Information science and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University to invest six million to build a new public experimental platform, named Interdisciplinary Motion Dynamics Simulation Platform, and focused on R&D in the area of Multi-degree-of-freedom seismic, motion and space attitude simulation and control.

Upgrading of 5,000T Rubber Bearing Compress and Shear testing Machine has completed

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After the upgraded 2400t rubber bearing compress and shear testing machine e-lab 200 worked normally for one year, and satisfied the owner Doshin Rubber Products (M) SDN. BHD. of Malaysia, Popwil has completed a new contract offered by Doshin, using electro-hydraulic servo controlled system to upgrade another 5000t compress and shear testing machine e-lab 150.

New customer of Heavy Duty Six Degrees of Freedom Simulation Platform

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After the dual 6-DOF platform designed and manufactured by Popwil was officially accepted by the Ocean College of Zhejiang University in September 2019, Popwil has signed a new joined research and development contract with a marine engineering company to design and manufacture a heavy duty six degree of freedom sea state simulating platform.



Structural Testing System

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A typical Popwil structure testing system is including the following parts – loading frame and accessories, actuators, controller and software, hydraulic power station, and data acquisition system.

Geotechnical Testing System

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Popwil geotechnical testing system is used in research, optimization, and verification of the geotechnical engineering associated new theory, material, constructing method and technology.

Material Testing Equipment

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Popwil material testing machine is used to performing metallic or nonmetallic materials mechanical property test. Popwil has a wide range of equipment to meet the different needs of customers.

Customization and Retrofit

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Popwil provides customized products and upgrading based on customer's existing equipment at affordable cost. Popwil has already performed this kind of service to a wide range of customers.

Case Studies


Case 1. Large scale multifunction structure test system

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[User] Laboratory of Structure, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
[Function] Adopted high rigidity, dual portal loading frame with auto-adjusted testing space, the computer-controlled multi function structure testing system can accomplish a structure test by means of the maximum vertical 1000t and horizontal 150t actuators doing coordinated servo-controlled loading with slave moving at the same time.

Case 2. Multifunction physical simulation test system

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[User] College of Resource and Environment, Chongqing University
[Function] The 11-channel controller controls 432 actuators doing loading synchronously in order to apply boundary conditions of maximum 5MPa gas pressure and 10MPa crustal stress on the specimen which simulates the rock deeply underground. A drill rig installed outside the device is used to drill the specimen to study the gas outburst problem.

Case 3. Three Direction static & dynamic test system for bridge pile

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[User] National R&D Center for Highway Long Bridge Construction
[Function] Four 20t dynamic actuators fixed on the surrounding reaction wall to apply horizontal load in any direction. The 600t actuator fixed at a dual direction sliding plate which is installed on the main beam of a position adjustable portal frame is used for vertical loading. This Testing system is used to doing dynamic or static test on a bridge pile.

Case 4. Dual 6-DOF wave simulation platform

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[User] Marine equipment lab at Ocean College, Zhejiang University
[Function] Two 6 channel POP-NI controllers controlled two 6-DOF platforms moving synchronously to perform the simulation of the motion or attitude of two ships or a ship with an offshore platform under 4 class sea conditions. It is used to do inspection for offshore engineering equipments and vibration reducing devices.


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