Geotechnical Engineering Testing System

A typical Popwil geotechnical engineering testing system is generally composed of a model box, a loading system and related water level or pneumatic pressure control equipment and other assistant devices.

Under the simulated boundary conditions of the side slope, foundation pit, tunnel & underground space, pile and other foundations in the laboratory, by use of various kinds of sensors and data acquisition equipments to obtain testing data, Popwil Geotechnical Engineering Testing System can be used in research, optimization, verification of the geotechnical engineering associated new theory, material, constructing method and technology.

Popwil can supply customer oriented solution from the designing of a model box to the manufacturing of a whole environment simulating equipment.

1. Model Box and Load Frame

2. Electro-hydraulic Servo Actuator

3. Controller and Software

4. Hydraulic Power Station and Distributor

5. Data Acquisition System