Adhering to the entrepreneurial concept of "honesty, unity and innovation", depending on the computer based electro-hydraulic control as core technology, POPWIL has been rooted in the field of structural, geotechnical and material test, seismic and attitude simulate since its establishment at the beginning of this century. Provide consumer with three categories of testing instruments, i.e. structural, geotechnical and material testing instruments as basic business, Popwil is especially good at jointly developing customized testing equipment with customers, and providing upgrade and retrofit service for them.

1. Structural Engineering Testing system

The Structural Engineering Testing System is mainly used to study the mechanical properties of a full-scale or proportional specimen of a typical structure. It generally consists of five parts: loading frame and accessories, actuator, controller and software, hydraulic power station and distributor, and data acquisition system. In the structural lab, with the aid of reaction wall, reaction foundation and other accessories, the structural engineering testing system is used to do mechanical performance test with full-scale or proportional specimen such as column, beam, plate, wall, frame, joint, constitutive structure, etc. In order to accomplish the mechanical performance inspection of the specimen who use new materials, new technologies or build up by new construction methods. It’s used in the area of structural engineering scientific research, technical verification, design optimization, and quality control.

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2. Geotechnical Engineering Testing System

Popwil geotechnical engineering testing system is mainly used for experimental research of geotechnical engineering models. It is generally composed of model box, loading system and related water level or pneumatic pressure control equipment and other assistant devices. In the laboratory, the testing system is used to simulate the boundary conditions of side slope, foundation pit, tunnel & underground space, pile and other foundations etc. Under the help of various kinds of measuring sensor and instruments, the testing system can be used to obtain test data in order to researching, optimizing or reliability verifying new material, structure, new designing theory, and new construction method.

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3. Material Testing Machine

Popwil material testing machine is used to performing metallic or nonmetallic materials mechanical property test. It is generally consists of a mainframe and necessary attachments, a servo controller with data processing software and a power unit. It is widely used in static test such as tensile, compression, bending, impact and hardness or dynamic test such as Crack Growth Rate, Fracture Toughness and other fatigue properties in normal or abnormal temperature conditions according to the standards of material test such as ASTM, ISO etc., in order to obtain the mechanical properties of the material. According to its different loading method or power unit, Popwil material testing machine can be divided into hydraulic universal testing machine, hydraulic pressure testing machine and electronic universal testing machine etc. According to its usage, it can also be divided into impact testing machine, hardness tester, cement pressure testing machine, tensile testing machine and so on.
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4. Customized Products and Equipment Transformation

Popwil is especially good at developing products to meet the special needs of users. These customized products include multi-degree-of-freedom wave or attitude simulating platforms, single or multi DOF seismic tables, automotive road simulators and other complex loading systems. Also, relying on the rich experience in developing testing instrument, POPWIL can help customers to upgrade their old equipment by means of servo control technologies, computer aided data acquisition technologies, and Database aided laboratory data management technologies.

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