Customization and Retrofit

The core value of Popwil is to serve customers attentively, and it is particularly good at communicating with customers, referring to the current world's most advanced test equipment solutions and laboratory constructions according to users' current needs and future development directions. The current test needs, while taking into account the future development of the overall solution from the laboratory planning to the development of specific test equipment.

Laboratory planning

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The main founding members of the Popwil have more than 30 years of experience in research and development of test equipment. Since the establishment of the company, it has been specialized in civil engineering laboratory planning and equipment research and development for 15 years. The planning and construction of the laboratory has a good reputation in the industry.

Customized test equipment

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Popwil can not only assist users in the overall planning of the laboratory, but also better at based on their own experience, the existing conditions of the laboratory, and the equipment requirements put forward by the user. Users tailor-made products that meet their needs and have a good price / performance ratio.

Joint design and development

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The advantage of Popwil is not only the rich experience in the core technology and structure of the electro-hydraulic servo control field, the development of material testing equipment, but more importantly, a strong team of engineering and technical personnel and an excellent sense of cooperation. These are all in new technologies. The field and user joint design and development of new test equipment have been fully reflected.

Equipment upgrade

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Popwil has developed advanced technologies for upgrading and upgrading high-value equipment such as imported structural test systems, dynamic and static universal testing machines, and domestic large-scale presses. The test equipment has been modernized and the old equipment has rejuvenated.