Popwil and Hong Kong Polytechnic University further in-depth cooperation

In October 2007, Hangzhou Popwil Electromechanical Control Engineering Co., Ltd. (Popwil) produced a 1,000-ton microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo large-scale multifunctional structure test system for Hong Kong Polytechnic University. For more than ten years, Popwil The company provided complete after-sales service for the system from annual maintenance to test aid design, from displacement sensor repair and replacement to hydraulic source cleaning, and assisted users to complete a series of major scientific research and test projects, which were recognized and praised by users. .

On October 9, 2019, Popwil signed a contract with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop a 2500-ton large-scale structural pressure testing machine for the compression performance test of high-strength structural columns based on the space size of the structural laboratory of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The maximum vertical test pressure of the machine is 25000kN. The computer electro-hydraulic servo control system automatically controls the loading process. The test data can be output to the data acquisition system in digital or analog type. External dimensions of the test machine: 4920 × 3400 × 2345, the maximum test space: 2000 × 1800 × 1500mm. The design scheme of the aircraft is as follows:

The signing of the contract indicates that the users of Hong Kong Polytechnic University not only recognized the quality of Popwil products, but also affirmed the professional services of Popwil. We will, as always, work hard to provide Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other users with a series of services from testing equipment consulting, laboratory construction planning to testing equipment research and development, testing aid design and production, and testing equipment maintenance and upgrading to achieve a win-win cooperation. purpose.

Offshore Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Equipment – Heavy Duty Six Degrees of Freedom Swing Platform

After the dual six-degrees-of-freedom platform of the Ocean University of Zhejiang University was officially delivered, in September 2019, Popwil and a certain marine engineering company signed a research and development of marine marine motion simulation system-heavy six-degrees-of-freedom swinging platform project The contract has taken another solid step in the commercialization of the six-degree-of-freedom platform.
The heavy-duty six-degree-of-freedom swaying platform used in this cooperation uses a six-degree-of-freedom parallel structure to simulate ship movements under the condition of level 5 sea conditions, and can realize pitch, roll, sway and pitch, sway, heave and other motions. This is Popwil‘s latest product, the testing equipment for the Cloud Bridge at Sea. The bridge is a dual-function maritime docking bridge for transferring people and transporting goods, with a six-degree-of-freedom wave compensation function. It is widely used in offshore wind power, offshore oil extraction and military-civilian integration docking and search and rescue operations.