Zhejiang University “Dual Six Degrees of Freedom Simulation Platform”

After nearly half a year of hard work, the installation and commissioning of the dual six-degree-of-freedom simulation platform developed by Popwil for the Ocean University of Zhejiang University was completed and successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group. The application test research in the sea state environment provides the guarantee on the equipment.

The equipment is introduced as follows:

The dual six-degrees-of-freedom simulation platform consists of a large six-degrees-of-freedom simulation platform installed on the foundation of a civil construction sinkhole, a small six-degrees-of-freedom simulation platform installed on the ground foundation, and a training and training platform for the above two professional platforms. The six-degree-of-freedom teaching and training platform used for teaching, preview of large-scale projects, and model tests is composed of three devices. Among them, the small six-degree-of-freedom simulation platform and the six-degree-of-freedom training platform share a POP-NI 6-channel controller. The simulation platform is independently equipped with a POP-NI type 6-channel controller. The three platform systems share a set of electro-hydraulic servo oil source with a rated flow of 1000L / min. It has a video monitoring and alarm system and is mainly used for ships and marine equipment. Application test research under simulated sea state environment.