Offshore Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Equipment – Heavy Duty Six Degrees of Freedom Swing Platform

After the dual six DOF platform designed and manufactured by Popwil was officially accepted by the Ocean College of Zhejiang University in September 2019, Popwil has signed a new joined research and development contract with a marine engineering company to design and manufacture a heavy duty six degree of freedom sea state simulating platform.
The heavy-duty 6-DOF swing platform is designed to testing other 6-DOF swing platforms which will be installed on the offshore wind power operation and maintenance ships which can work under 5 grade sea situation. After test, qualified platform will be installed on the ship to balance the affection of the sea wave and build a bridge from the ship to the offshore wind power tower or other offshore platform. The function of the bridge is to transfer people and goods with a six-degree-of-freedom wave compensation function. It is widely used in offshore wind power, offshore oil prospecting and military-civilian integration docking and rescue operations.