Model loading system for similar material test platform

Basic function:
The uniform application of three-dimensional deep rock mass stress to a similar material model satisfies the stable loading under simulated excavation conditions, and requires a good boundary condition retention capability during the physical simulation instability stage.
1. Simulate formation pressure to realize self-weight pressure simulation and two horizontal pressure simulations perpendicular to each other, that is, three-dimensional loading mode;
2. The underground engineering construction process includes the simulation of the mechanical effects of the interaction of various engineering structures such as roadways, tunnels, subways, tunnels, small-scale stopes, etc .;
3. Carry out a high-stress support stability simulation test;
4. Simulation test of tunneling (tunnel) blasting technology under real ground stress;
5. Simulate the deformation test of surrounding rock of roadway with geological structure and layer joints.

User: Northeastern University-Key Laboratory of Safe Mining of Mining Ministry of Education