Electro-hydraulic servo controlled dynamic & static universal testing machine

Basic Function:
The electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal structure test system consists of a space-adjustable host, an electro-hydraulic servo oil source and a POP-M multi-channel controller. It can complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and fatigue tests of materials and small components.

Basic parameters:

  • The frame structure is adopted, and the space is automatically adjusted steplessly, with an automatic locking device;
  • Maximum test space: greater than 1500mm;
  • Base size (length * width): not less than 1200 * 3500mm, with anchor hole for fixing the sample;
  • Hydraulic chuck for fatigue testing of material components;
  • Test force: 1000kN; 500kN;
  • Maximum working frequency: 10Hz

User: Yancheng Institute of Technology

Tongji University application case: